Relaxation at the Hubertusheim

The best way to forget about the hassles of everyday life is to opt for multi-activity holidays in Ischgl. Spend your days outside, breathe fresh air and discover your passion for the alpine winter sports. In the evenings you can relax in our cosy wellness area and recharge your batteries for another exciting and active day.

Our Finnish sauna has an average temperature of 80° C. This causes your body to sweat strengthening your immune system and relaxing your muscles. If you prefer lower temperatures, the sauna can also be used as a bio-sauna, the gentler alternative to the traditional Finnish sauna, or as a herbal sauna, which aids relaxation through the use of healing herbs from the Alps. Apart from that you can make use of our infrared cabin, step under the rain shower or take a nap in the rest area.

The rooms and most of the apartments of the Hubertusheim are furnished in Swiss pine. The Swiss pine has been known for its positive effects on blood circulation and sleep for hundreds of years. Its essential oils create a pleasant scent and reduce the heartbeat. 3500 heartbeats less a day and you’ll feel more relaxed and sleep soundly and peacefully.

The highlight for each guest of the Hubertusheim is our water, which has been energetically enriched, a technique invented by Dr. Hans Ellmauer. Additionally, all electromagnetic radiation is blocked by a Faraday shield, thus, allowing you to simply enjoy your stay at the Hubertusheim.